Broadcast SMS

No other advertising medium allows you to reach millions of people in one fell swoop! That's right, SMS advertising boasts not only the widest reach, but it is simply the single most effective channel to talk to your audience.

SMS is direct, it's personal, it demands the recipient's attention - it's the most engaging form of advertising available - and it's available to you right now!

NetOne allows you to reach the millions of subscribers that have voluntarily opted in (registered) to receive commercial and informational messages. An vast audience of potential customers for your business.

We allow you to send your message out to as many or as few people as you like, and we also allow you to send your messages to the suburbs (neghbourhoods), cities, districts and provinces you choose!


We charge just 2 US cents per message: 2 cents (equivalent to 1 SMS credit). That's a tiny fraction of what a standard SMS costs - the lower cost is due to the fact that you are sending messages in bulk.

Get Started Now!

You can be up and advertising in 3 easy steps...

  1. Open an account right here on our site
  2. Buy SMS credits by paying into our bank account
  3. Send your messages from our site, just log in, work out your budget, and send